CDs ARE SOLD OUT / - Hope Tonight — CD

CDs ARE SOLD OUT / - Hope Tonight — CD


Hope Tonight is available online at iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. Physical CDs are no longer available.

Penn’s pleasantly airy pop soprano rides hooks rendered dreamlike by the twin wings of acoustic instrumentation and tasteful electronic touches. And the lyrics, while introspective, never lose sight of hope. “Is it our duty to keep singing?” she sings in “Turnaround,” “whether funeral sighs or hymns, / whether lullabies or battle cries—until the spring? / I think it is.”

Like Penn’s 2010 debut, Wake Up Love, Hope Tonight was produced by Ben Shive (Andrew Peterson, Bebo Norman). Not surprisingly, the album glistens, echoes, and casts soul-deep shadows in all the right places.

—World Magazine


No Time
You Can't Choose Who You Love
Before a Fall
Hope Tonight
Sun Song (I Turn to You)
Shadow of Doubt
Something My Mother Said

Produced by Ben Shive
Recorded in Nashville, TN

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